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As an Electric Beer Bike Supplier, we want to talk to you thatIn the summer, people mostly like to drink beer. Sometimes, if you open the beer, you can do it. The following two strokes can make the beer open.

(1) Take a glass cup or wine glass, pour some water in the bottom of the cup, wait for the water to dry, immediately pour the cup on the mouth of the beer bottle, drink it again after 3 to 5 hours, the taste of the wine does not change much, but the foam is less. .

(2) Unfilled beer should be stuffed with spare champagne or cork stopper of wine bottle in time, and then stored for one day and then drink. There is still foam in the air, and the taste is as good as ever.

We supply Electric Pub Bike. If you want to know more about beer or our products, maybe we can talk more!

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