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Self-service terminals with a touch screen interface such as Online Touch Screen Payment Mall Kiosks have provided tremendous benefits to corporate organizations and their customers. While many kiosks are deployed indoors, there are many use cases for outdoor kiosks, and they (outdoor kiosks) will drive the optimal return on investment. When deploying an outdoor kiosk, you need to consider factors such as weather, security, location, and so on.

Here are the steps to ensure successful deployment of outdoor kiosks such as China Self Service Kiosk.

The Secret of Success in Outdoor Kiosks

(1) Security

Outdoor terminals are often deployed in public places. When the access terminal is not subject to any restrictions, it may be stolen or destroyed. To prevent these phenomena or prevent tampering, outdoor terminals should have tamper-proof features such as reinforcement of external structures (adding additional welds, compression locks, etc.). Appropriate security measures help protect external structures, data, network components, etc. from tampering.

(2) Durable installation

When the installation is carried out, the components of each device are exposed, and the weather changes that may occur at any time may easily cause damage or damage to the components. Therefore, it can be installed with a sufficiently stable cement to prevent potential problems caused by shaking, knocking, shocking, and the like.

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