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Simply put, the higher the output power of the charging station from the China Electric Charging Station Manufacturer, the shorter the charging time, but the current charging pile is divided into AC charging pile and DC charging pile, which we can explain separately.

In terms of AC piles, most of the domestic slow charging piles or charging boxes are 220V AC charging, the output current is 16A or 32A respectively, and the theoretical power can reach 3.3kw or 6.6kw respectively, considering 10% power loss, AC The charging speed is still very slow. For example, for an electric vehicle with a general battery power of about 20kwh, it takes 6-8 hours to fully charge the current mainstream 3.3kw AC charging method. For Tesla 220v HPWC (high power wall mount adapter) output current up to 50A, output power 11kw, we still do not have to think about, this is specifically designed for MODEL S, and Tesla and national standard interface is not universal, no In line with national conditions, look at it.


For the DC pile, unlike the AC charging pile 220v voltage access, the DC pile access voltage is 380v, and the power is generally above 10kw. For example, for the electric passenger car on the market, most of the DC piles built by the State Grid are 37.5kw, Putian built in 10kw, 15kw or more. For an electric vehicle with a general battery power of about 20kwh, it can be fully charged by charging with a 10kw DC pile for 2-3 hours.

It can be seen that judging from the output power alone, the AC and DC charging speeds are clear. It is said that some early electric vehicle models are only equipped with AC charging ports, and the charging speed is naturally not fast, so it is in the industry. There is a saying that AC slow charging and DC fast charging.

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Therefore, for the owner who just used the electric car, here is a way to simply estimate the charging time of the car. During the charging process of the car, when the output current and voltage are stable on the charging pile display interface, look at the output voltage. The value and current value, calculate the output power, and then compare the amount of electricity that your car is ready to charge, you can roughly calculate the time required for charging.

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