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According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on February 16, the British man Peter Sonneveld bought a double-decker bus produced in the 1970s, after resigning, it cost 30,000 pounds (about RMB) 280,000 yuan) and nearly 20 months to transform it into a Four Wheel Party Bike.

Due to the love of the bus, the bus fanatic even quit his job and reinvented the bus. It is reported that he spent more than 30,000 pounds to revitalize this "classic car". But Pete confirmed that it was worth it because he finally had time to do what he was really interested in.

In the process of bus reconstruction, he also had a bad time. Pete said: "One day I found that the painting I used didn't bring the best results. I could only use sandpaper to erase the colored areas and then come back again. This process takes one and a half months. Time. This is the lowest time of the whole process."

After the renovation, Pitt encountered trouble. Only the car with a height of 1.7 meters could not accommodate him 1.98 meters high. Pete had to hire a group of high-quality waiters to serve the guests. Since the car has been more than 30 years old, Pete can drive directly without a bus driver's license, but Pete can't operate the bar while driving, because it is illegal.

Men Turn Old Buses into Mobile Bars and Become Popular Networks Things

At the same time as the renovation, Pete found that the price of the bus soared, so he snapped up another one and spent only 18,000 pounds (about RMB 168,000). Pitt said: "In 2005, a retired bus sold for only 1,200 pounds (about 11,000 yuan), but after the renovation, the scrapped bus has sold for 50,000 pounds (about renminbi) 466,000 yuan)."

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