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The Mobile Pub Bike originated from the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries, its unique driving mode and sightseeing experience, over the years has attracted visitors from all over the world, our company's current production model for the 15-person system of mobile foot bar car, with 14 passengers and 1 driver. Adopt electric power, manpower double drive mode, the vehicle is equipped with a bar, sound, effect lights, so that visitors fully enjoy the double experience of viewing and leisure, at the same time, the product can also be used for large-scale enterprises, factories, real estate, film and television publicity activities.

As is known to all, China is a large country of bicycles, and most of us have some understanding of bicycles. However, no matter what form of bicycle is used, such as single person, multi-person, multi-row, etc., its drivers are all in the same direction. The unique face-to-face riding mode and novel sports principle of the mobile pedal bar car enable people to have face-to-face communication while exercising and sightseeing, thus integrating sports, leisure, communication and harmony.

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