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Metal Enclosed Switchgear purchase points:

Metal Enclosed Switchgear

(1)clear project positioning

The high-voltage switchgear is a complete set of products. Although there are hundreds of manufacturers in China, the core components are still imported products. If technical problems are encountered, equipment maintenance and replacement are more troublesome. Therefore, the budget is sufficient. In the case of the situation, we should try to choose a well-known brand. Because of its sufficient stocking, the solution efficiency is higher when encountering problems.

(2)Inspection qualification

Before purchasing, you should ask the manufacturer for the factory test outline (or requirements) of the switchgear. Generally, regular manufacturers will have it. It should be clear whether the main components are configured according to the drawings and select the designated brands, such as Siemens, Schneider, etc. 

(3)Cabinet material

The high-voltage switchgear has a large volume. Therefore, the cabinet material has a great influence on the price. Under normal circumstances, the component brackets and the like are all made of imported aluminum-zinc plate, and the door plate is made of 300 series high-quality steel plates.

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