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The Outdoor Fast Food Kiosk is accompanied by the development of modern commerce, and a new type of kiosk has appeared in large shopping malls, shopping malls and commercial streets. This new display method is flexible, versatile and innovative, and can display merchandise and brand image from multiple angles. In the mall can be placed in the middle of the large passage, customers can walk around the kiosk, see the goods from multiple angles. There are also some large kiosks located outside the mall or on the street. This kind of kiosk is mostly used in leisure water bars, coffee bars, craft gifts and so on. This pavilion-style kiosk has an excellent display effect, and makes full use of the space of the mall, so that the use of space is well integrated with the art kiosk. This kiosk is now being used by major shopping malls. And used in commercial streets.

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Outdoor Fast Food Kiosk

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