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Originating from European countries such as the Netherlands and Germany, The Mobile Bar Bike' unique driving style and sightseeing experience have attracted many tourists. When you take your family to the best of Asia, Star Bay Plaza, don't forget that there is also a way to better see the tourists watching the sea, watching and relaxing. This is the first multi-person in China. The foot of the beer car, the starting point of the beer car begins with the centennial city carving, and passes through several major landmark buildings such as Century China Watch, Convention Center and Shell Museum. Each car can carry 14 tourists. Everyone sits around the beer cart. The beer car adopts a new driving method. Visitors can use two-way face-to-face pedals and can also use traditional electric drive. There are special drivers to serve us all the time, with soothing The music beats and walks easily to Xinghai Square. Shengya Ocean World is China's first submarine aquarium, located in the west side of Xinghai Square and Xinghai Park. It has a submarine tunnel of 118 meters and consists of three parts: Sea World, Polar World and Coral World. There are colorful marine animal shows to make visitors feel amazing and experience romance.

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