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(1) The self-service terminal device such as Credit Card Touch Screen Payment Mall Kiosks generally consists of a human-machine interface, and the user operates according to the prompt of the device. For example, bank ATM machines, subway ticket machines, etc. are self-service terminal devices. The invention of self-service terminal equipment greatly facilitates people's travel and service. It is one of the great inventions of the 20th century. In addition, in some supermarkets, stores also have self-service terminal equipment, such as coupon inquiry printers, bank queues and so on. Self-service terminal equipment such as

Online Touch Screen Payment Mall Kiosks, widely used in banks, subways (high-speed rail) and other places that need to be lined up.

(2) It is completely intelligent to carry out various business transactions through a computer display terminal (input and output device of a computer system).

Credit Card Touch Screen Payment Mall Kiosks

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