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Have you ever seen a camper full of wine bottles?A Mobile Bar? Supplied from Mobile Party Bike Factory.It's like the wine cellar in your house, the pub on the corner. During the process of camping, some people pay attention to the beauty and ugliness of the place, the comfort of living and the abundance of food. Also somebody pays attention to the stand or fall of atmosphere only, the get along between people is happy. The camping atmosphere may be a little bit more relaxed, a little tipsy, of course, must not drink alcohol before driving!

You don't want to stuff a camper van with bottles, do you? It turns out that this is a mobile bar for corporate events or large competitions. It USES a camping trailer to carry bottles.

This mobile bar car is a trailer trailer into a mobile bar. A complete bar and TV are set up above the wheels, and the colorful lights create the atmosphere of the bar. This bar not only serves local craft beers and cocktails, etc., but also can be converted into a full gourmet cart, serving a variety of local delicacies.

The mobile bar camper was designed by a team that transformed the interior of the streamlined aluminum camper into a mobile luxury bar and restaurant complete with wine cabinets, bar, brilliant lighting, indispensable sound equipment, and professional bartenders.

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Interior USES the material that can let lamplight reflex in great quantities to pledge, flowery and dazzling lamplight, add the collocation of all sorts of packaging, wine color, it is the biggest characteristic that it lets a person suck eyeball.

Not only does it sell beer and cocktails, but it also has chocolate desserts and salty barbecue food with wine. Turning on the side of the camper with lighting and playing music with jazz and blues is definitely a relaxing and joyful moment.

Imagine your team winning the game and having a mobile wine cart with you.

The campers will be transformed into mobile bars by the team, which are mainly used by enterprises or individuals for renting. Generally, campers are not allowed to take this kind of campers out. Unless it is a camping activity held by enterprises or social activities held by universities, it is possible to need this kind of dreamy camping bar to stir up the hot atmosphere.

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