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We all know that Beverage Vending Machine are matured in Japan. In China, beverage vending machines are still in their infancy. Friends who want to join must have a lot of concerns. Today we will do something for you from the power consumption. analysis. Drinking Smart Vending Machine power consumption analysis:

The general beverage vending machine power consumption is closely related to the following conditions:

1. Whether the machine such as the Coffee Vending Machine is cooled or heated;

2. Machine installation position (outdoor/indoor);

3. Ambient temperature;

4, machine sales (sales consumption is more power consumption);

5, season (cold drink machine consumes very little electricity in winter).

Beverage vending machine

Beverage vending machine

General beverage vending machine consumes electricity every day:

A machine without refrigeration/heating is about 0.5 degrees;

Beverage machine refrigeration is about 0.5 degrees in winter and about 3-5 degrees in summer (some manufacturers can reach 6-8 degrees);

The beverage machine is heated about 6-8 degrees in winter.

Since the vending machines are scattered in densely populated areas, the goods need to be replenished in time, and the equipment is frequently destroyed by humans. Therefore, the manual management of the vending machine has the problems of high cost, low efficiency, and inability to monitor the damage behavior in time. After applying the Internet of Things technology, operators can realize remote centralized control and management of distributed devices through mobile phones and computers, and grasp the types and quantities of beverages in the vending market in real time to achieve scientific and economical replenishment of goods. Adjust the heating and cooling temperature of the vending machine according to the weather changes to realize the energy-saving operation of the vending machine. At the same time, the damage behavior can be monitored in time through the built-in monitoring lens on the top of the vending machine.

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