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Commercial Juice Bar Kiosk originated from the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries, its unique driving mode and sightseeing experience, attracting many tourists. With your family when you taste the most of Asia - XingHaiWan square, don't forget there is a kind of can better let visitors see the sea, the view forms of entertainment, relaxation, this is the present domestic first people car pedal beer, beer car start ChengDiao started from one hundred, century huabiao, convention and exhibition center, shell museum, and so on several big buildings. Each car can carry 14 tourists, we sit around the beer cart, the beer cart adopts a new driving mode, tourists can be two-way face-to-face pedals can also use traditional electric drive, there are dedicated drivers for our full service, accompanied by the slow music beat, walk xinghai square easily. Shengya ocean world is China's first undersea passage aquarium, located in xinghai square west, xinghai park. The 118-meter-long undersea tunnel is composed of three parts: seaworld, polar world and coral world. There are a variety of sea animal performances, so that visitors feel surprise, experience romance.

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