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(1) How much is the public Electric Vehicle Charging Pile?

The cost of public charging piles is higher than that of household charging piles. According to the location selection, the number of charging piles and the installation method, the cost is also quite different. A single public charging pile is usually priced at $2,300, and the most expensive and differently charged charging piles can cost up to $6,000. Other features include LCD screens, special payment systems, and data trackers.

Unlike household charging piles, the main cost of public charging piles comes from installation costs, which account for 60%–80% of the total cost. The farther the distance between the circuit breaker and the charging pile is, the higher the price of the electric vehicle charging pile.

Because the wires are wall-mounted, charging piles in parking lots and garages are the lowest cost and least expensive charging piles, typically $6,000, and public charging piles (such as roadsides) that are not wall-mounted are more expensive. At the same time, if a charging station is installed with several charging piles, common wires and connectors can be used, and the cost is also lower than when only one charging pile is installed.

Parking garage and garage public charging pile costs: a single charging pile on the left and five charging piles on the right.

The cost of public charging piles along the road: a Single Charging Station For Electric Cars on the left and two charging piles on the right.

Electric Vehicle Charging Pile

(2) How much is the fast charging pile?

At present, most of the fast charging piles use Level 3 charging piles, which are more expensive than the first two charging piles, and each fast charging pile costs about 50,000-100,000 US dollars.

The high cost of fast charging piles mainly comes from the charging pile itself and the 480V converter. The cost of the latter is 10,000-20,000 US dollars, and the labor and material costs are slightly higher than the cost of the first two charging piles. At present, some manufacturers have developed fast-filling piles that do not require a converter.

In addition, the licensing fees and start-up costs for fast-filled piles are much higher than those of the other two types of charging piles. The cost of the high-charge piles is usually about $10,000, and the complicated procedures for permitting procedures cannot be ignored.

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