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Background Of Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The development of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in China is inevitable, and it is also the enterprise's policy to seize the opportunity.

The path to victory. In the current situation, although the country has a strong advocacy, enterprises are ready to move, but electric cars into ordinary homes is not easy to do in a short period of time. National policy can give compensation (cars, road, etc.), and electric vehicle charging station network is unable to short-term construction, the main reason is to give the electric car quick charge need strong instantaneous power electricity, cannot meet the conventional power grid, must want to build special charging network, which involves the whole state grid transformation, state grid renovation is no small matter, costly, from the discussion, to setting up a network, can not happen overnight.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

A better solution to the problem of quick charging is to use an electrical changing station to replace the long charging process by replacing the battery in the car. A car needs to be equipped with two batteries. When one battery is used up, it will automatically switch to the other one. At this time, it can go to the electrical changing station to replace the used battery and install the fully charged battery. The replaced batteries are charged and maintained by the power station. The premise is that the charging station should have a considerable number of spare batteries. The advantage of this method is that it is fast. Users can go on the road after changing the battery, which is faster than refueling. With this method and other auxiliary means such as charging piles in parking lots, it is believed that the popularity of electric cars is just around the corner.

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